The Art of Symmetry

"Symmetry can portray a feelling of stability, calmness and dignity"

"Repitition creates a visual link within a space"

"Proportion and scale are both dependent on the size and the relationship between objects and space"

"Symmetry can be achieved through the application of colour"

There is something soothing and calming, artistic and architectural and also symbolic about having everything balanced and uniform. It shows authority and control, equilibrium and harmony. It gives me real peace of mind to see things with clean, clear lines and in the right place; colours that compliment each other and coordinate seamlessly, and proportions that work together in scale, form and shape. It started when I was young when my mother used to ask me to set the table for special dinner parties. When I moved to London I got a job as a banqueting silver service waiter. I was taught the ‘Royal’ serving techniques and not surprisingly I very quickly learned the ropes. From there I went onto get a job in Harvey Nichol’s 5th Floor restaurant. It was the late 90’s; the store and restaurant were buzzing with all of ‘the good and the gorgeous’ and celebrities such as Princess Diana, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nicole Kidman and John Bon Jovi. I began working as a runner and boy did I run? You had to be fast agile, precise but also smooth. The first task of the day was to set the tables. The layout was faultless in its proportion and perfectly symmetrical in every way. We had to fold 250 napkins per shift and they had to be done in a uniform, consistent way, so they all looked exactly the same. Impeccable precision was a (tall) order and mistakes were not tolerated. I also learned to appreciate delicious food and good wine. I did not know how to cook back then but today it is one of my favourite things to do. To find the right balance and taste in food you need to use precision too. The balance between the herbs and spices can make or break a dish. I am not good at measuring things but I cook instinctively, sampling and tasting along the way and manage to produce tasty food. My friends and family appear to love and enjoy it; either that or they’re very hungry as they keep coming back for more. Could that be because they drink vintage champagne, fabulous French wine and eat delicious food? Or is it down to the ambiance that exudes so much style and harmony? I honestly don’t know but my guess is I get the formula right!! By now you realised symmetry is key to me. In fact I have an addiction for symmetry that keeps growing each day. I like to see everything in the right place; items lined up like soldiers, the flow of each space and without a doubt colour coordinated too. Scale: The height and scale of your furniture, vases, sculptures, accessories, art, flowers and lighting can define the look and feel of each room. The way you layer the items is key to your success. I like to place objects and art in a space that allows them to simmer together and raise the temperature. I adore playing with scale!! ‘Filling rooms with brilliant visual statements of different proportions and scale can create a sophisticated and glamorous style’ Colours: There has to be chemistry between your rooms, your furniture and the pallets you pick. Be sure to choose colours that make you feel happy, mood enhancing and comfortable at the same time. I tend to choose colours that I also love to wear and are staples in my own wardrobe. I love chic colours like black, grey, navy and white, or earthy tones like taupe, moss or peat. My most favourite is grey; grey goes with everything. It gives me freedom to add bold colours and use lush fabrications to spice it up in a room all within my own pallet constraints. I am currently ‘courting’ the colour mustard and loving the fabulous geometric cushions by Aurum home this season. What is next? Not sure yet but that is the beauty of today’s interior design - no rules! I recently renovated my home and throughout the entire design process, I was scrupulously involved in every single detail, especially the custom made items that required a lot of attention and meticulous detail. Mood boards helped me define my choices, develop my ideas and improve my confidence. There is no better way to get your vision under way - I can’t recommend it enough. Pinterest and home magazines were my best friends for long time!! We had fun together and they really helped create my vision. Think Functionality too!! How each room functions, the unique zoning and where you place your furniture. My goal is to develop designs that are innovative, unique and architectural. Did I achieve my vision and create a dream home? ABSOLUTELY!! The results are magical and moving, soothing and sound, and of course there is symmetry everywhere!! Does it ever end? I am not sure but the nicest thing is that you are free to continuously evolve and improve on it!! It goes without saying that every rule has an exception; you will make mistakes along the way. Have I made any – yes of course I have!! but it is through making mistakes that you find the answers to get the right formula next time. Balance is about all the choices made regarding space, light, structure, colour, proportion and texture. A well-balanced room should provide an environment that is seductive to your eye, romantic to your heart and moving to your ears. Can you see, feel or hear it? I believe achieving symmetry is a real skill and one that you can continue to develop – it is an art in itself. . . The journey continues……..

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